New Halem Tales: a quirky collection of stories

"A Book of Treasures"

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After a weekend of inspiration, the 5 NW Authors created a town on the Oregon coast and named it New Halem Village.

"I wanted to move there."

Maria, an Amazon Reviewer, fell in love with the town!

"A Fun Read"

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After a glass of Merlot, or maybe a few, Gwen laid it down. “Let’s write stories that take place in the same town; maybe a small town on the Oregon Coast. We could kick it off with a weekend beach retreat…for inspiration.”


The book began as a challenge

The inspiration

Read the book and get to know all the unforgettable folks who live in New Halem Village.

Who else lives in New Halem Village?

You'll get to know Glenda Gadabout, the society editor at the FishWrap Bugle. There's a  fortune teller in town, a panty bandit, an alien watcher.  Good Boy and Hey Girl, No-Name and more...

Who lives in New Halem Village?

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"This book is filled with great writing..."

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Reasons I want to read New Halem Tales.

I. Next best thing to vacationing on the Oregon coast

2. The food

3. A book with cats in it is always a good read

4. Find hidden treasure

5. Read the stories on my lunch break, in the bathroom., and at the beach

6. Secrets, surprises and suspense

7. For love

8. Read on my Kindle

9. I think my mom's an alien

10. I have a choice. Purchase from Amazon or from the publisher!

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