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Kate E Thompson

L. C. Mcgee

Gwen Van Hout Knechtel

Charles Thompson

Catherine (Cat) Kigerl

Kate E Thompson

   Kate E Thompson, a northwest author and historian, is writing her second novel, a coming of age story about a 19th century Danish girl who is sent to America to join the Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kate’s research has led to many surprising revelations, including an unexpected side journey that’s taken her on a personal quest to find her ancestors and learn their stories.

    Kate is fond of reading old diaries and letters and writes down catchy words and phrases from them. She makes handcrafted books, keeps detailed journals and a commonplace book. She stops at all bookstores, art galleries and historical museums.

    Her third novel is about an 18th century Irish family and their pursuit of a better life which takes them to the West Indies and finally, to America.

    Check out Kate's blog: An Author's Whatnots, a blog of days gone by.



Kate's Books


Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie  Noah Cathcart, Associate Pastor of his father’s church, is married to Grace, the Pinup Girl of Pastors’ Wives, and they have an 8-year-old son, a 3-legged Chihuahua and a mortgage. So far, Noah’s life has gone according to plan.

     One morning, he is rousted out of bed by his estranged brother, Anthony, asking him to help a friend, “Secret Agent” Mel, move into a shelter before he gets himself arrested. Noah heads to the homeless camp, planning to do a good deed and be home before Grace wakes up. Instead, he ends up in jail.

     Grace says he’s going to ruin everything. Why isn’t he sticking to the plan? He has to get back on track and he knows it, but he can’t stop thinking about Secret Agent Mel, or Justice, the accordion player he met in the police van, or the little girl wandering through the homeless camp in panda bear slippers. Or her mother. Read More...

January 21, 2015. TwoNewfs Publishing

The Asteroid's Daughter and the Serpent Handler's Son

a novella in the collection New Halem Tales

Sheriff Astra Billings wants to know who she is. Her mother claims she was fathered by an asteroid that crashed through the bedroom roof. Astra's budding romance with a handsome newcomer, Matthew, is threatened by deadly secrets that follow him from his West Virginia past. Read more...

TwoNewfs Publishing  Beach Edition November 2016.




L. C. Mcgee

L. C. Mcgee, his wife and two fine cats live on the coast of Puget Sound. He enjoys reading, writing, writhing in coils (yoga), gardening and the occasional summer sail. Researching coastal Indian lore is a hobby which is enhanced by his son’s Tlingit ancestry. He is the author of the new Pacific NW Murder Mystery Series, The Amber Crow, where a mix of murder, mayhem, and an amber crow keep you guessing.


 Read more about The Amber Crow, first in the Pacific NW Murder Mystery Series, along with The Amber Crow and the Black Mariah and The Amber Crow and the Hooting Woman.


The Amber Crow. A New Pacific Northwest Murder Mystery Series

The Amber Crow # 1.    Murder, mayhem, a Tlingit Elder, an Amber Crow, mix in two naïve home buyers and a mysterious stranger.

TwoNewfs Publishing.


The Amber Crow and the Black Mariah # 2.   When a mummy is found, (who could also be a daddy), a murderer from the past is resurrected.

Spring 2015. TwoNewfs Publishing.


The Amber Crow and the Hooting  Woman # 3 Coming Soon. TwoNewfs Publishing.




Murder and Mayhem in a new Pacific Northwest Murder Mystery Series

Gwendolyn Van Hout Knechtel

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Gwen lived with her parents and sister on Java until age four when political unrest moved the family to the Netherlands. After fourteen months they immigrated to the United States, first to Oregon then to Washington.


A graduate of Fairhaven College and Western Washington University, Gwen is a teacher and resides in western Washington with her husband and family. Now in “late middle age” she celebrates daily, love of family, friends and creativity. Whether dancing down hallways, spontaneously singing or keeping connected with loved ones, beach time strengthens her through life’s journey. With one published story in Lembas for the Soul and a contributing author in New Halem Tales Secrets, 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors, she is currently working on DORM 1973.



Adele Delacruz, a young widow, and her daughter move to New Halem to start over. She buys a bookstore and convinces her brother-in-law, Drew and his partner, Daniel, to open a restaurant. They struggle to fit into small town life that wants to keep their family relationships a secret.        In Which Relationships Are Key by Gwen Van Hout Knechtel. New Halem Tales.

Charles Thompson

Charlie lived on the Oregon coast for several years working at small community newspapers in Tillamook, Seaside and Coos Bay, as well as The Dalles and Oregon City. As a newspaper executive, most of his writing consisted of columns, editorials and financial reports--lots of financial reports.


Now with a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Washington, he has embarked on a second career as the director of a new healthcare training initiative at Edmonds Community College, a very satisfying second career. Charlie lives outside Mill Creek, Washington with his wife Kate and Ali, their Golden-Doodle. His experience in graphic design, photography and publishing technology, writing and editing, has fueled his most recent editorial adventure, TwoNewfs Publishing.

William Cooke, new publisher of the FishWrap Bugle, moved to the village to escape the attention that accompanies winning a mega lottery. A romantic relationship is complicated by his secret financing of a controversial county project.                                                                           Don’t Let Them Know by Charles Thompson. New Halem Tales


Catherine (Cat) Kigerl


Catherine (Cat) Kigerl is the author of two books of poetry: At the Town Café, published by Goldfish Press, Seattle, 2016 and Stirring up the Water, (under the name Cat Ruiz) which was awarded the Native Writer’s Circle of the America’s First Book Award for Poetry and published by Salt Publishing Ltd. Cambridge UK in 2008.


She has completed a third book of poetry, Glimpses, and is working on a novel, The Adventures of the Parking Lot Prophet, based upon a character she introduced in New Halem Tales. With her husband, William, she continues to explore life’s truths.


Check out Catherine's books: At the Town Café, Stirring Up the Water, and New Halem Tales.



The Parking Lot Prophet, a mystic, lives in his truck and camper in a park by the sea. He is pulled into the mystery of Miss Linny Jones and a pair of blue jeans that fell out of the sky into her dahlia field. They appear to have a life of their own.                                       Those Demon Denims! by Catherine Kigerl


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